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Unconditional innovation: love lessons

True innovation is like true love: it is unconditional.

I’m coining the phrase “unconditional innovation” for lack of better words to translate the unconditional commitment to innovation that sets companies like Amazon and Google apart. I’m talking about companies which repeatedly push innovation to the point of disruption and reinvent themselves.

Most companies, in fact most of us as individuals, too, “fall in love” with innovation. We’re in it for the fun and the glamour, not the hard work and the pain. It’s more like a flirt, a short-lived affair that we end as soon as reality hits. Yes, we love our customers; but why give them what they really need if none of our competitors does? Why rock the boat? Why not wait until somebody else tries it out for us? Read more

Amazon: the empire hidden in plain sight

faberNovel Presentation about Amazon

faberNovel Slidedeck: Amazon the Hidden Empire

Innovation agency faberNovel has published a great presentation about Amazon which is prominently featured on slideshare.

This comprehensive 72 slide long deck called “Amazon.com: the Hidden Empire” reviews Amazon’s history and analyzes what faberNovel calls Amazon’s “three digital engines”:

1. CEO Jeff Bezos’ perfect understanding of the limitless nature of the Internet.
2. Amazon’s efforts to gain customers via multiple entry points and “own” them.
3. The seamlessly integrated ecosystem built by Amazon to create customer lock-in.

Over the years Amazon has remained my eCommerce beacon, a company I’ve admired both as an observer and as a customer. Read more