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HubSpot's FREE Inbound Marketing Glossary

HubSpot's FREE Inbound Marketing Glossary

In the current uncertain online indexing climate where sites can be Pandalized from one day to the next, it is comforting to see that at least top SEO gurus, SEO software publishers and inbound marketers achieve great visibility.

Top notch US SEO/inbound marketing sites rank in the global top 1,000 on Alexa, they enjoy great visibility, high traffic and a strong social following. The leaders:

Less popular, maybe because more narrowly specialized on SEO (and for that reason a must-read):

These sites achieve great visibility because they follow their own advice and in particular : 1) they offer free high-quality content, 2) they manage an active community, 3) they enjoy large numbers of quality backlinks.

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Publish or Perish

Publish or perish”, once the exclusive curse of academics, has become an imperative for all online publishers. Retailers, brand owners, bloggers, marketers and even simple Facebook users have to publish more and more content to remain visible online.

This creates a rampant inflation of spam-like, ‘optimized’ content — content designed mostly or solely for the purpose of reaching a higher position on traffic gateways’ rankings. Ranking-driven content is pervasive. It blends into all forms of digital content, from eCommerce sites to blogs and to individual Facebook pages, making it increasingly difficult to draw the line between spam, optimization and original content.

This post expands on my Content Inflation slide deck by discussing in a bit more detail the examples that show how deep content inflation runs…

Facing Content Inflation

As I was researching what I call “Content Inflation” — which in a nutshell means that, forced to publish spam-like content to increase their visibility on traffic gateways, hundreds of million of publishers create a vicious spiral of meaningless content growth — I was amazed to find how pervasive it is: it impacts blogs, traditional media, eCommerce, but also individuals’ Facebook pages, Twitter, the AppStores and even the Kindle Book Store.

I was so struck that I decided to stop publishing for a while !

But now I’ve captured some of my thinking in the slide deck below and I’m ready to participate again in the online publishing madness.

See my next post “Publish or Perish” which expands on some of the examples presented in the slide deck and a few others.

SERPs: battle for the top unlikely to abate

The Web’s unlimited shelf space is a myth. In reality (argh!), the Web is a battlefield and companies fiercely compete for scarce premium positions in organic search results because consumers have neither the time nor the patience to explore the millions of other choices. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still obsessed with the first page (i.e. top 10 search results) among Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Research shows that this won’t change better soon.

Optify Average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) by Search Results Position Curve

Optify Average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) by Search Results Position Curve

Research from Optify, cited by Le Journal du Net shows that the top 3 results on Google’s first page still concentrate nearly 60% of average Click-Through-Rates (CTRs), with 37,2% on the first position alone. The average CTR on the first page is more than six times higher than the average CTR on the second page. The data is US-only and pre-Panda.
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