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Google as the arbiter of good taste

When I was working at Forrester Research, each publication had a designated content editor whom we jokingly referred to as “the ultimate arbiter of good taste“: he or she had the final word on what deserved publishing and what did not.

I was reminded of this by Google’s “More guidance on building high-quality sites” published on 6 May 2011 by Amit Singhal, head of search quality, on Google Webmaster Central Blog. Read more

Being Content

Not so long ago, I used to be Content VP (or VP Content). I really enjoyed it.

Firstly because I believe that trying to create good online content — content that informs, entertains, moves and helps people in every aspect of their life — is a motivating purpose.

But also because I love the double meaning of the word “content”. “What does it mean VP Content?” Asked my mom. “It means that I’m content with what I do” I replied.

She was content with the answer.