Online Real Estate Scarcity

The idea behind Online Real Estate Scarcity is that the Web –and even less so the mobile Web– hasn’t delivered the benefits of the “unlimited shelf space” it was claimed to be. More precisely, the Web is unlimited but it does not matter because most of its “shelves” or pages are never visited.

Online users follow the path of least effort. They settle for the top ranking pages or apps. They are comforted in their limited view by popularity-based rankings.

Content publishers struggle to expose more content beyond the top ranked.

Competition for the real estate where top content is ranked (search engine’s top result pages, Apps ranking etc.) intensifies and drives the premium to be paid for being indexed there to disproportionate highs.

From a commercial point of view, the Web ends up as a space of scarcity instead of abundance. Every pixel on top pages counts. Millions of other pages are worthless.

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