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Social Media Evergreen Content

“What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet” is generally interpreted as a warning about the dangers of social media. Social media can spread information like wildfire, irrespective of whether it’s beneficial or harmful. Social media can keep passing on information forever, irrespective of whether it’s become obsolete or not. You better be careful about what you share after a few too many drinks at the company party.

Charlie Bit My Finger - Again! YouTube VideoSo much for the dark side. But the persistence of content on the Internet and its ability to continue to propagate through social media also have a positive flipside.

Persistent social content can be the gift that keeps on giving – a positive content evergreen.

Brands are now successfully emulating the famous examples of content evergreen… Read more

Offline to Online Curation

Digimarc Pint-to-PinDigimarc Corporation has come up with a new “Print-to-Pin” solution which enables consumers to “pin” content to their Pinterest page by photographying a watermarked picture from a magazine with their mobile phone camera.

This is a great example of seamless offline to online (O2O) integration. The watermark offers all the benefits of a QR code in that it contains code that determines exactly which picture and which content will be uploaded and clipped on the consumer’s Pinterest board. But it does not have the drawbacks of an unnatural and quite inelegant-looking QR code — which is hugely important for fashion and luxury brands.

Content Curation – The Slide Deck

This slide deck on content curation tools for brands is the companion to my eponym post – it focuses slightly more on the shortcomings of curation
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