SEOmoz’s 2011 SEO ranking factors

Every year for the past 6 years SEOmoz has analysed the factors that influence the ranking of Web sites on the dominant search engines with a focus on Google.

Released on June 6, its 2011 Global Search Ranking Factors research results show — as expected in a post Panda world — the increased importance of unique content and the growing weight of Social Media Marketing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This does not mean that previously identified priorities of inbound links, internal linking, keyword optimization and site authority are less important but, rather, that SEO is becoming ever more complex and more demanding.

SEOmoz is one of the most influential SEO tool publisher, SEO community and SEO blog in the US and worldwide. It skills are patently demonstrated in its own social media marketing and its own search engine ranking. Its research methodology is based on expert interviews (132 experts in 2011) and 10,271 US keyword search results from

You can view the presentation and download the slides by clicking here. If you watch the Webinar and don’t like lenghtly methodology explanations, move directly to min 10.

Here is the main result chart from the study. The site has plenty more:

2011 Overall Ranking Algorithm

2011 Overall Ranking Algorithm

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  1. Raj says:

    Hi Therese ,

    Thanks for sharing this information, specifically the result chart, which gives kind of overview on how trend is changing from domain level pages to actual pages..

    Cheers, raj

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