F-Marketing & F-Commerce are not f-words

I could not resist the pun with the f-word (Wikipedia link for the non-native US speakers among us). In this post, I discuss the F-Commerce and F-Marketing buzzwords and tell you about great sources of information on these topics.

F-Marketing stands for Facebook Marketing, more often called FB-Marketing than F-Marketing. FB-Marketing is huge and falls under Social Media Marketing, often abbreviated as SMM.

F-Commerce seems to be the preferred short form for Facebook Commerce, which I haven’t seen referred to as FB-Commerce (unclear why).

– Another abbreviation is WOM for Word-Of-Mouth Marketing which is used to talk about online viral marketing, mostly by PR agencies.

Like all Internet innovations, SMM, FB-Marketing and F-Commerce deserve a whole army of observers, commentators and consultants, including this blog. I have counted in my own database of sources over 50 blogs dedicated to these issues. This is not counting the many more general online marketing sites that include sections on these issues.

I like blogs because they’re often very rich in content. Among the SMM, FB-Marketing and F-Commerce blogs quite a few are pretty good. Being social themselves, they invite expert guest contributors and freely share their wisdom.

My favorite ones are the very hands-on ones. Some target small and medium-sized businesses but everybody can get insights from them because they contain easy-to-read tutorials and give very practical tips. Here they are 10:

The Social Media Examiner in Interview Pose

Social Media Examiner by Michael Stelzner is informative and designed to be easy to grasp and act on. As you can see from the picture here, it uses lively infographics which helps sustain one’s attention.
Social Commerce Today is edited by Paul Marsden who writes very informative analyses on social commerce and social consumers. The blog is both strategic and operational. It is sponsored by European Web agency Syzygy.
Social Media Today is popular but not my favorite. A lot of the independent contributors are agencies’ consultants.
Practical eCommerce, as the name says, gives lots of practical tips and US case studies
Social Times is part of WebMediaBrands which publishes a dozen of blogs and information sites on every online marketing topic, including the All Facebook site dedicated to FB-marketing and F-Commerce. More news and comments than actionable tips.
– If you’re interested in F-Marketing, don’t forget to go the source and visit Facebook Marketing on Facebook. They have interesting (a bite salesy, of course) case studies. You should also check Inside Facebook by Justin Smith.
Chris Brogan‘ SMM blog is at the same time inspiring, thought-provoking and practical.
ViperChill is written by a 22 year old British blogger-entrepreneur called Glen Allsopp. He’s definitely his age and worth checking, even if only to get to know the guy. Be open.
– In stark contrast to Glen, Mari Smith looks very demure. But her blog is also full of analyses, tips and practical advice that apply to all business sizes.


  1. Per-BKWine says:

    Some interesting sources there. I can add one (from an unexpected place perhaps): Photoshelter. They regularly publish documents on social media and marketing. Recently one on how to market yourself on Facebook: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2011/05/new-free-guide-facebook-fan-pages-for-photographer.html

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